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My name is Rook.

This blog began mid-2021, after much waffling on my part about pursuing magic, spirituality, and the occult beyond a lay interest or hobby. After spending years researching and learning from sources others have produced, I decided it was time to begin adding my own content into the stream. Much of what you will find here is about sigils, Chaos magic, Hermeticism, geomancy, astrology, and other such topics, but the Field is vast and there is so much to talk about! The posts here also serve as a personal reference of sorts, something to organize and record my experiences, experiments, and general musings while being able to share them easily with the public. And of course, I do have a humble assortment of products and services to offer any interested parties.

Although my interest in the occult goes back well into my childhood, I began seriously studying after the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in 2015. I find myself partial to planetary magic—via my penchant for Hermetic philosophy—and sigil magic, a subject I discovered through Tumblr which dovetails nicely with my background in illustration and graphic design. However, I do consider myself a Chaos witch, and so I don’t hold myself to any particular belief system or practice.

Feel free to follow along, ask me things, or suggest things for me to ramble about. True to my Sagittarius sun and Gemini rising, I love talking about things that capture my interest, but I also greatly enjoy hearing from others as well. Please use the form below if you would like to ask a question on something I’ve written / might write about in the future, or if you’d like information about a service or potential commission, and I’ll reply at my soonest opportunity.

Please be sure to double-check the email address you use for this contact form! If you enter in your email incorrectly, I will have no way to contact you back.